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Address: Plot No. : C-138,Nandanvan Colony ,Pangari,Panchgani    Reservation Line: 91 7350 99 3333

Sight Seeing Point

Lord Karthikeya Temple

Lord Karthikeya Temple is devoted to Lord Karthikeya who is the son of God Shiva. It is placed in the Raipuri Caves in Panchgani. Pilgrims and devotees line up these caves to espy the wonderful temple that is built of sand. Thaipooyam, a festival celebrated during the months of January and February, is celebrated with much aplomb by the worshippers. The vicinity is nice and soothing on the senses, rejuvenating the spiritual side in you.

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Table Land

Table Land is a huge flat land atop a laterite plateau. It covers an area of close to 99 acres and is declared to be Asia’s 2nd largest mountain plateau. It is a great place to spend an evening playing fun games with your kids and family. It is located in Panchgani. The Devil’s Kitchen is located towards the south, and it is believed that the Pandavas resided in this place for some time. Raipuri Caves is clearly visible from this exotic locale.

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Sydney Point

Sydney Point is a delightful point atop the Krishna Valley. It is at a small distance of about 2 km from the Panchgani bust stand. This cliff offers an amazing view of the Dhoom Dam, Mandardevi and Pandavgarh. The clear water gushing down the Dam and the lush, green valleys are a sight that must not be missed for anything.

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Mapro Farms

Mapro Farms is an 8 km long stretch that extends on the Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar Road. The farms are well-known for their strawberry plantations. At the farm, visitors can also try out strawberry shakes, fruit salads and ice creams. From the shops located within the farm, tourists can also buy squashes, lemonades and fresh fruit juices. Tasting counters of jams, sweets, crushes, syrups, squashes, mocktails, toppings and others are also located within the farm.

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